Years ago, almost every pub would have a piano, and if you were in there at the right time, somebody would play it. What would follow would invariably be a pub singsong, with everyone having a great time.

Sadly for those who enjoyed this kind of entertainment; first the arrival of the jukebox and then later, Karaoke, consigned this great experience to history.

A One Mic Stand have changed all that. We’re giving you the best of both worlds. A singsong and the chance to get up and sing with a real band.

Karaoke can be fun, but usually it’s only interesting for the person singing and a few of their friends. It can also be a bit intimidating for many reasons. One of which is the inflexibility of singing to a machine.

A machine will not change it’s key if the song is too high or low for you. It will not wait for you if you miss a cue or lose your place. It definitely will not start the song again if everything goes wrong.

A band can do all of these things, it works with you and makes sure that you enjoy the experience so much more.

So you have the concept of Bandeoke. However, most Bandeoke events are set up so that there is a boundary between the Band and the rest of the pub, and the audience remain just that…..an audience.

So what about if the audience start to participate? How about if they help you by singing along with you just when you feel that you need some backup? How about if some of them get up and join with you by singing backing vocals through other microphones?

Now we’re all in it together. We succeed together or we fail together, but either way, we’ve all shared the experience and believe me some of the failures can be glorious failures.

A One Mic Stand have a list of over 300 songs that are being added to all the time. We have lyrics for all of these songs. We also will take requests for other songs if we know them and you know the lyrics.

Why not come to one of our upcoming events and give A One Mic Stand a try?

We look forward to seeing you soon.

A One Mic Stand feature

You – Vocals
The Rest of the Pub/Club/Venue – Backing Vocals
Lol “No Middle Name” Grover – Compere & Motivator
Paul “Ipcras File Style” White – Guitar
Martin “Ernie” Papier – Keyboards
Rudy Roo “Where are you” – Drums & Leaping
Daryl “Daz” Clayton – Bass